LCSC events provide your business with a great chance to connect with the JBLM military spouse community and fellow businesses that could end up as stellar referrals.

*  Booth spaces will be $20 for a 6x6 space. This fee will include space for the vendor and up to two assistants. If you require more space, you may purchase an additional adjacent booth. 

*  All applications are subject to approval by the JBLM Spouses Club and any direct sales vendors will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, with the possibility of a second vendor being accepted in the event that spaces are left after the application deadline. This allowance would solely be at the discretion of the first vendor. If a second direct sales vendor is accepted, both would be spaced out accordingly, with the first accepted vendor getting priority spacing.

*   An email notification will go out to vendors following acceptance. At which time, payment will be expected for your booth space within 7 days of acceptance notification. The email will also include payment information as well as information regarding venue location and other FAQ’s that may arise.

*  For additional questions, please contact our Vendor Liaison Chair at