LCSC Member Luncheons

For 2019-20, all of our luncheons will be centered on the theme of “the art of wellness.”

One table space for these events is $20. You must provide your own table.
Fill out the form below if you’d like to be a vendor.


12 SEPT 19 : Pineapple Party: Be a Pineapple, Wear a Crown
21 NOV 19 : Farmers Market: Make it, Bake it, Fake it
16 JAN 20 : Literary: Book Swap
13 FEB 20 : Game Night: PJ Party
23 APR 20 : Unlock Your Inner Chef: Recipe Exchange
14 MAY 20 : Happiness Blooms from Within

If you have any issues, or if you have any questions about our luncheons, contact our
2nd Vice President at

Payment will be expected within 48 hours after you receive your acceptance letter.
Thank you in advance for your promptness.

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Thank you for your interest in our luncheons and supporting our community!