Our Executive and Governing Boards are made up of military spouses who volunteer their time in support of our community.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, review the constitution and by-laws for the position in which you are interested and submit an application!


 Executive Board

President - lewiscommunityspousesclub@gmail.com

1st Vice President - 1stvicelcsc@gmail.com

2nd Vice President - 2ndvicelcsc@gmail.com

Recording Secretary - recordingsecretarylcsc@gmail.com 

Parliamentarian - parliamentarianlcsc@gmail.com

Treasurer - bookkeeperlcsc@gmail.com

Governing Board

Annual Charity Event - eventchairlcsc@gmail.com

Community Grants - communitygrantslcsc@gmail.com

Community Outreach - outreachlcsc@gmail.com

Corresponding Secretary - correspondingsecretarylcsc@gmail.com

Cottage Boutique/Ways and Means - boutiquelcsc@gmail.com

Fundraising - lcscfundraiser@gmail.com

Historian - VACANT - photographerlcsc@gmail.com

Holiday Market - holidaymarketlcsc@gmail.com

Hospitality - hospitalitychairlcsc@gmail.com

LCSC Rentals - eventrentalslcsc@gmail.com

Membership - membershiplcsc@gmail.com

Mock Dining In - VACANT - mockdininginlcsc@gmail.com

Operation Deploy Your Dress - odyd.jblm@gmail.com

Publicity - publicitylcsc@gmail.com

Reservations - reservationslcsc@gmail.com

School House Manager - managerlcsc@gmail.com

Social Media - socialmedialcsc@gmail.com

The Soundings Newsletter - soundingslcsc@gmail.com

Sub Club Manager - subclublcsc@gmail.com

Tour of Homes - lcsctourofhomes@gmail.com

Vendor Liaison - VACANT - vendorliaisonlcsc@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator - volunteerlcsc@gmail.com

Webmaster - webmasterlcsc@gmail.com